Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every hardworking American can have a decent home.

To get there, we will shine the brightest possible light on the crisis.

We will allow people across the nation to see how bad the problem is right now—and how serious a threat this is to America’s future.

We will put the crisis on the map, so that every politician in local, state and federal government needs to talk about it and work on fixing it.

America’s housing crisis didn’t come up even once in the 2016 Presidential debates. We are not going to let that happen again.

Home1 is a nonpartisan movement built on the idea that, in America, hard work is all it takes to build a secure life for your family.

Our mission is to bring together the American people around this simple idea.

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Half a century ago, Archie Bunker was a symbol of the American working class.

He could pay the rent—and all the other family’s expenses—with his salary as a loading dock foreman, and there was no need for Edith to work.

Today, the house shown in the opening credits of All in the Family—which is in an area of New York City built for middle class families—would rent for about $2,800/month.

But Archie’s salary today would be about $50k/year, and that’s enough to cover about $1,250/month in rent. Even if Edith got a job that paid the same as Archie’s, they still couldn’t quite afford to live in that (very basic) house in Flushing, Queens.

The reality is that families like the Bunkers today would probably end up paying more than half their income on rent. And many of their other basic living expenses would go unpaid.

A single unexpected expense—or a missed paycheck—is all it would take to land them in a homeless shelter, along with thousands of others with full-time jobs.

We launched Home1 to find a solution to this problem.

Please join us. All we ask for is your e-mail address.